Solenoids and generator sets

Solenoids and generator sets

When you want to stop a generator set that is in action, electromagnets are a good option. For this reason, in this post, we want to talk to you about electromagnets and generator sets.

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Assembly and its importance

The assembly of the electromagnet is very important. If the assembly is not done in the correct way, it can burn out sooner than expected.

Special attention must be paid, since electromagnets (such as the one from Elettrostart) have two coils, one for power and the other for retention.

How do I check that the electromagnet is installed correctly?

One way to know if the electromagnet is properly installed is through its consumption, with an ammeter. If it is installed correctly, the ammeter will not move and will directly work with the holding coil, whose consumption hardly reaches one amp.

You can watch this tutorial on our YouTube channel for about “How to install an electromagnet for a generator set correctly