Filters for GenSets

To ensure optimal operation of generator sets and to increase their useful life, precise maintenance is needed to guarantee their use for longer. That is why revisions of the systems, devices, mechanics and equipment that make up these electricity generators are necessary. One of the elements that must be checked and/or changed more frequently to increase its functionality are the filters for generator sets.

Maintenance with filters for generator sets

And it is that by using the correct filters, the proper functioning of the machine will be ensured. It translates into lower cost. We define correct and suitable filters as those that are designed according to the specifications of each engine manufacturer, and taking into account the environment in which they must function and be used.

The original filters that we have in our specialized store, that is, those that have the seal of major manufacturing brands in the sector. They always offer high filtration performance tailored to the needs of the engine, transmission and hydraulic system. In this way, with the filters for original generator sets, control and reliability is ensured in these processes that are so important for the good performance of the generator.

Quality filters for generator sets

With these filters, what is mainly achieved is a high dirt separation capacity, which prolongs the service intervals without impairing the operation of the machine.

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