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      SAM 706 Controller


      SAM706 controllers are user-friendlyautomatic, and configurable instruments, useful for controlling generator sets in installations with no electric mains available.

      SAM706 controllers automatically start and stop generator sets, protect them by means of the connected and controller-generated alarms.

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      SAM 706 Controller

      SAM 706 controller is a small automatic or manual programmable controller, of high-tech, for start-up, shutdown and protection, both manually and automatically (remote control) of generator sets, motor pumps and general-purpose applications.

      Among its features are as follows:

      • Adjustment to any type of set through 6 rear switches.
      • Spark heater or programmable start-up.
      • Automatic Connection/Disconnection of the power contactor through solenoid or Electro valves.
      • High-powered solid state outputs.
      • Protection against vibrations.
      • Key selector with three positions:
        • 0: Disconnected/Reset and shutdown.
        • M: Manual Start by button.
        • A: Automatic operation (remote control).


      While doing maintenance you have to pay special attention to a series of possible situations:

      • Low Oil pressure.
      • High water temperature.
      • Low fuel level.
      • Low tension of batteries/breaking belts.
      • Emergency stop push bottom activated.


      As recommendations from Genset Spare we specify the following:

      • Battery tension: 10-35 Vcc.
      • Stand-by consumption: 2mA with 12V batteries.
      • Maximum tension of generator: 500 V. between phases.
      • Frequency: 50/60 Hz.
      • Weight: 192 grams.

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      SAM 706 Controller