Can I modify the invoice data once it has been generated?

The invoice is generated automatically with the data that you enter in the registry.

However, later, you have the option to modify them from your account. It is possible to indicate different addresses for both billing and shipping.

In the registration I made a mistake when entering the data, is it possible to change them?

If possible. To modify the registration data, you must access your account with your username and password. It is important to ensure that you have updated

(saved) the data before exiting your account.

I need a proforma invoice for my purchase, how do I obtain it?

To obtain the proforma invoice for your order, you must make the payment by transfer. In this way you will have the option to download the invoice you need.

Is it possible to pay my order on delivery?

And it is. Cash on delivery is available throughout the Spanish territory for orders between 45 and 300 euros.

* In all products except pipes, alternators and batteries.

I'm placing an order and can't finish it. What could be happening?

It is very possible that the website will crash if it takes a long period of time in the purchase process. In this case, you can try to exit the process and re-enter.

If it has been at the time of payment, the problem may be due to the gateway. If you find yourself in this situation, it is best to contact your bank and explain the


Do you ship to the Islands?

Yes, we ship to both the Canary Islands and the Balearic Islands. You will be able to know the cost of the postage at the time of placing the order.

Depending on the selected product, we may have to quote the corresponding postage.

For example, in pipes.

How long will it take for me to receive my order? How can I know?

Our system must have sent you an email with the shipping number so that you can track the purchase process. You can see the tracking of the shipment number to

know the exact delivery date.

How much are the shipping costs?

The easiest way is to simulate an order. For this you must register and enter a delivery address. As soon as you select the item and the type of shipment: you will

be able to see the cost of the same in the previous summary before making the purchase.

Can I collect my order in the store?

If you want to pick up the order in the store itself, you will have to call us so that we activate the "Pick up in store" option at the time of purchase. Our warehouse is in La Muela in the Polígono Centrovía, a few kilometers from Zaragoza.

Can I send my transportation agency?

And it is. It is practically the same as in the previous case. Let us know and we will leave the order ready for you at our address in La Muela. We would provide you

with information on dimensions and weight for your agency to pick up.

I just bought a central and I need its connection diagram, where can I find it?

You can obtain the connection diagram for your product by following the steps below:

Search our website for the product in question in the search engine.

Then go to the image of it.

Below this image, in the "download" tab, click to download the manual.

The schematic is included in this manual, as well as other information that you will surely find useful.

Are the products in the store guaranteed?

Yes, as stipulated by law and according to the product manufacturer. You can see in detail our return and guarantee policy in "contracting conditions" , located at the bottom of our website.

I'm looking for filters for my generator set and I can't find it, do you have them in your store?

In order to solve your doubt, send us an email with a photo of the plate of the group in question in which the serial number and the model appear. If we have it

in stock, we will send you a link as soon as possible so that you can register and place the order on our website.

I am looking for a spare part for my generator set and I cannot find it on your website, what can I do?

First, contact us by mail or call. We will consult you in order to know your request more precisely.

Later we will pass on the proposal that we understand better in the shortest possible time.

Finally we will indicate the account number so that you can make the deposit. The order will be launched as soon as we have proof of it.

I want to buy several meters of flexible tubing, how do you prepare them?

The minimum order is 1 unit, and each unit equals one meter. Continuous meters are served. For example if you order 3 pcs. 3 continuous meters are served The

maximum we serve without cutting: they are rolls of up to 10 m.

What type of alternator do I need?

The first thing you need to know is: what use do you want to give it, if it will be running for many hours, or not. This is how we will decide if the alternator has to

be at 1500 or 3000 revolutions per minute. In this link we have more information:

click here

What coupling does my alternator have?

You have to measure the bell, and the discs. On our page we explain how to do it, we have an article on our blog , and we also recommend that you download the

technical documentation from the "download" tab below the product photo.