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All Generator Spare Parts products are 100% original.

We are Distributors of the main brands and we have the official certificates of Meccalte, Himoinsa and SVE Download certificates: MECCALTE | HIMOINSA | EVS

About us

A family business called Sorilux, founded in 1981 by José María Segura and dedicated to the manufacture, distribution and sale of generator sets, sale of spare

parts and of course, their repair. His sons continue with the business, Raúl and Alberto.

In all these years we have acquired an experience in the traditional business that we have always transferred to our clients, giving them a better response over the

years and always learning with each service we have given.

In 2012 we decided to make the leap with a virtual store , which you are visiting, dedicated to the sale of spare parts for generator sets . We wanted to broaden our

horizons and set ourselves a new challenge as a company. Little by little we have been growing thanks, above all, to clients who have trusted in our service, many

have already become regulars, and the experience, that we have acquired over so many years in the business of always, and that we have transferred to the virtual.


What do we do and what do we offer?

What you have read above, sell spare parts for generators, of any brand. We work with many suppliers and we have access to many solutions. We are professionals

in the sector and we will give you a hand if you have doubts or cannot find that piece that you need, sometimes it is difficult to know where to look, and this is one

of the main reasons why we got into the virtual world, We wanted to make it easy for the customer by simply putting that spare part that you need in the search



Our e-commerce.

In we have wanted to improve the user experience to make it easier, we have turned to it from the first minute to make it

attractive within a sector that is somewhat cold for this issue, and we always try to improve and expand our product offering and services.


Do you want to meet us?

I present to you who are behind this project.


He is the person in charge of the technical service of the company, if you have any questions with electronics (switchboards, regulators, chargers, etc.) he is the one who is going to undo you since he knows these products VERY well, apart from any other issue related to what we sell.

José Ángel

In charge of the store and he is the one who makes everything go smoothly in it, manages customers, transport, suppliers and whatever arises.


She is our head of administration, always attentive to the day-to-day of our company, to the paperwork, to check that everything is in order and it will surely

be with the person you talk to first if you decide to call us.


He leads the commercial department, visits and customer relations, sales of generators, alternators ... a bit of everything, you know how this position is.

I said, take a tour of our page since you are in it and if you have doubts, do not be shy. You will find us at 976149649, in the chat on the website itself and at Greetings !!