New category of ELCOS spare parts for generator sets

New category of ELCOS spare parts for generator sets

Choosing the right spare part for your genset is vital and can make all the difference, did you know that? In this post we show you the new category of spare parts for ELCOS gensets. They are designed to optimise the performance and prolong the life of your generators. 

Explore the options and find the perfect solution for your equipment:

DIP 521 - Protective device for diesel engines

Available with different voltages (12v or 24v). It has a cumulative indicator for the different connectable anomalies. Thanks to its resin-sealed case, it is suitable for mounting in any conditions. Ideal to ensure optimum performance of your generating set.

CAM 120 - Control unit for stand-alone generator set

Control unit for manual or semi-automatic genset control panel (remote contact start). Equipped with digital instruments, indications and alarms in different languages on the LCD display, with CAN Bus  and with several serial connections for remote control.

DIP 804 - Motor protection devices

Also available with 12v or 24v. Is equipped with all the anomaly indicators that memorize the cause of the alarm stop. Like the DIP 521 models, it is suitable for installation in all conditions thanks to his enclosure. It also has the IP65 front protection rating.

CAM 335 - New control panel for generator sets

A controller for the automatic control panel of an emergency generator to the grid that features digital instruments, reports and alerts on the LCD graphic display in different languages. It is also equipped with CAN BUS (SAE J1939) and various serial connections and remote control.

In summary, choosing the right spare part for your genset is essential to ensure optimal performance and extend its lifespan. Discover the new ELCOS solutions here and contact us if you need help with any questions. We will be happy to help.