What are the most common generator malfunctions and how to troubleshoot them?

What are the most common generator malfunctions and how to troubleshoot them?

During our technical assistance, we often come across some recurring or common faults in generator sets. In our latest YouTube video and in today's blog, we want to tell you what are the most common faults in a generator and how to fix them. Keep reading!

Malfunctions in the electrical panel

The most common faults that we find in the electrical panels of generators are caused by operation, hours of use or vibration. They are the most typical faults in the operation of the machine and usually have an easy solution: replace the device that has broken and in principle, if there are no deeper faults, to work. 

Generator set alternator faults

Usually the most common fault we find in alternators is on the VR board, which shows that there is a fault and the alternator does not draw current. Normally, we change the board, start the generator and it almost always works and does not give us any problem. 

Generator engine failures

It often happens that the engine overheats and stops working. The best solution is to always make sure that the air filter is clean to ensure that enough air enters and thus avoid a gradual increase in temperature. It is also important to keep track of the level of antifreeze coolant and prevent the fan from blowing, accumulating, dragging impurities from the street where the machine is installed and accumulate in the radiator panel. This causes the panel to fill with impurities and the air does not pass through the panel and does not cool the engine properly. 

Failure in the generator battery

The emergency generating sets, as you already know, are sets prepared to start in case of loss or failure of the mains line of the electric company. Normally, the emergency generator panels have a battery charger that maintains the battery in a correct charge. If we do not have nobody that makes us a pursuit of the machine, it can happen that in a year or two years the battery to be constantly charging is exhausted. This makes that at the moment that we want to have the generator in a moment of cut, we are not going to have generator because it is not going to start it to us for the problem of the battery. 

We assure you that 95% of the calls of emergency groups that do not start are due to a battery problem. 

Failure with the gasoil supply

With the time the rubbers become pitted, pores appear, some hose comes loose, some clamp and then this causes that the pressure of the gasoil pipes goes away and they are emptied. This makes that we do not have fuel in the circuit and it is impossible to start. The solution is very simple, we show it to you in the video, it would be to make the installation of new diesel oil: we would change clamps, we would change rubbers, we would close the circuit and we would proceed to the starting of the motor. 

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