Generators support campaign hospital

Generators support campaign hospital

At Sorilux we always emphasize the quality of the products we sell, we always choose suppliers that provide maximum reliability in their manufactures, that cause the least problems and, when there are any, can be resolved quickly with a large stock of spare parts. and fast.

In the generator set market there are many solutions adapted to all budgets, but only a few can access customers with very high quality standards in their requests. Himoinsa is one of those manufacturers, the price of the product is not everything and behind it there is an enormous development of the machine, work that cannot be seen with the naked eye, but a professional knows how to differentiate in the finished product.

Today we bring you one of those cases. We have been working with this client for many years and they always ask us for custom-made machines with error-proof quality, their market cannot afford problems due to poor quality components.

In this case, there are several generator sets on trailers whose use is to provide energy supply support for a field emergency hospital in Singapore.

The generator sets have a mains failure panel integrated into the bodywork, when it is normal to take it outside, it was an express request for this project. The groups do not have much that is out of the manufacturer's series, but as we have said, it is the intrinsic quality of Himoinsa's products for which we can access this type of operation